By Sahil /   Posted on - 28th September '19

Remember the time when bedtime stories and storytelling in class was our favourite part of the whole day? We still remember the tortoise who won, the thirsty crow and the boy who lied about the fox. We’ll never forget the morals it taught us.
Why do you think we still remember them?
A human being is a social animal. It needs to communicate and storytelling has always been an essential part of a communication. If people connect to your story, they connect to you.

also present to experience the ups and downs it has faced. Therefore, you have many stories to tell about it.
When marketing a brand, remember, the key is to tell a story and keep your audience connected. An authentic, captivating story, keeps your client glued to your brand. This story can be anything. It can be about how you started this venture, what difficulties you’ve faced,etc. This is called as Emotional Branding,a progressive marketing strategy.
Stories are the situations we have lived. It is real. It is factual. Not many know about it.
Your audience not just connects to your story but it will also believe in you and in what you have put up in front of them.

Wait! There’s more!
Not just what you say is important, but also how you say it is equally important. Present your story in such a way that the person is engrossed in your story.
If you can’t tell a story, use a medium to do it. Blogs, films, videos, vlogs, there are so many ways..
Emotions, authenticity, personal connections drive to action. It still starts with listening and isn’t just about sharing.

It’s Never Too Late

By Sahil /   Posted on - 21st September '19

Who made the rule that you should finish your education by the time you are 24? Or that there’s no time to learn anything new once you are 24? I’ll tell you...NO ONE!
Yes, you read it right.
18 or 58, it’s never too late to learn anything new or to finish what you’ve left incomplete.
There’s no ‘right time’ when it comes to learning,especially when the country is growing at this pace.

For one to be successful, one needs to keep up with the technology. A Classic example of this is digital marketing. Who knew that this field could flourish so much in recent years, but the results are right before you. Digital marketing is the fastest growing business in recent years. For one to be acknowledged, you need to be on social media platforms. Therefore, digital marketing and knowledge about it is essential. Everyone is highly dependent on technology. To survive in this techno freak world you must know how to use them.

So next time your granny asks you how to use facebook, do not hesitate to teach her.

Unpopular is Unique

By Sahil /   Posted on - 14th September '19

A human being needs to express. He needs to speak out what he feels and not every time it is similar to what others think. Imagine a situation where you are in a meeting with your boss and few of your colleagues, and a very important decision is being taken. All of your colleagues agree to it but you do not. What will you do? Will you voice out your opinion? Or will you just agree to whatever is happening?

In our society, having an unpopular opinion or disagreeing is considered as disrespecting others, but let me tell you, IT IS NOT!.

Every human being has a different set of values,beliefs and norms which depends upon the teachings his family has given him. No two people can be expected to think, talk and behave in a similar manner. When you grow up in different conditions, you tend to have different ways of reacting to a situation.

One needs to understand that disagreement is very common, but while disagreeing one should never forget the common courtesy.

There are no certain rules to be followed but on should always have clear facts as they can easily convince the other person and support you opinion.

Be calm while speaking and be patient enough to listen to what others think.

Listen properly. Do not miss out on any fact or detail which is spoken. If you listen while they speak, they’ll listen to you.

Always Think about your company first. The decision taken should always be in favour of your company.

Lastly, know when to move on. Disagreements are certain,but one should know when to stop. Learn to respectfully back out.

‘Agree to disagree’ is not applicable always. You should know when to talk and when not to. Remember, it’s not wrong to have a different opinion but it’s important to be confident while voicing it.


By Sahil /   Posted on - 7th September '19

A united team beats talent. Unity is the key difference between a great team and an average team. In a united team, members are connected and committed to each other. They put the team first and know ‘together we can accomplish more’. It’s all about teamwork, sometimes you are the star, sometimes you help the star. A Great team has a great culture and is driven by a good leader and positive attitude among teammates. Being a super team player is more important than being a superstar of the team.

Three things you control everyday are your attitude, your effort and your actions to be a great teammate.

It doesn’t matter what is happening around and who you think is being unfair. Great things are bound to happen if you can focus on being positive, working hard and making others around you better.

Lastly, you are confident and you are ready to take more risks when you have good team supporting you. With a good team and a good leader you can accomplish anything.

More is less

By Sahil /   Posted on - 31st August '19

Books were our very first friends. We couldn’t read much then,but bright and beautiful pictures excited us so much. We could never have enough of them. Use of technology to spread knowledge is a recent concept. Earlier, books were the only source of information. It’s because of the books like mahabharata and ramayana we know what all has happened and why it happened. Our culture and tradition is preserved because of books.

It’s not only a source of information, its a stress reliever. Reading a short story of your interest every night after a stressful day at work calms you down and gives you a good night sleep.

In this technology addicted world, one believes in saving the environment. Therefore, various apps, kindles, etc. are made available to people keeping in mind how reading benefits and to motivate people to read.
For some reading is a hobby, for some it’s a habit. Some read a lot and some don’t like reading at all. Reading is like taking medicine, you have to take it because it’s beneficial for you. It boosts your vocabulary and keeps you up to date in this fast growing world. It keeps your brain young and active. In conclusion, the more you read the more you know and you have more chances to stand out in public.

Passions & Ambition

By Sahil /   Posted on - 24th August '19

Dream is not that you see in sleep,Dream is something that doesn't let you sleep.
- Dr. APJ, Abdul Kalam Sir

Making work as a passion is no less than a dream come true, it is a first step to being successful.
Start asking questions to yourself “ Do you love what you do everyday? Do you have dreams and aspirations to do something else? How are you going to get there? ”

● First listen to yourself
We've always been taught to be satisfied with what you have. Stop. Don’t do that. Stop being satisfied and ask for more. Look for more possibilities and do what really make you happy. If you are not where you want to be career wise then seek for guidance and look for resources which could help you reach where you want to reach. Don’t let your passion by doing the same thing over and over which you don’t want to do.

● Second, don’t be ashamed of unfamiliarity.
If you too are the beginner, remember: this feeling won’t last forever. No one loses respect for someone just because they are new. Hang in there and keep trying.

So don’t let the failure hold you back. It’s a part of process.

What is your idea of a ‘Perfect Day’

By Sahil /   Posted on - 17th August '19

All of us dream of the perfect life. All of us yearn for a perfect day to say the least. But how many of us have an idea of what the perfect day means for us. As a kid I thought every day was perfect, but then I didn’t have to work for money then! As I grew up I stopped “fantasizing” as one might say. However, one does think from time to time, what the perfect day for me might be like. Will it just be having loads of money, or peace of mind, or a weekend spent like I would want it to?

Here’s how think my “almost perfect” day would be.

It would definitely begin a little later than normal. Yes, I like sleeping and I hate getting up early, so one that begins later than usual with breakfast in bed! I don’t know who is going to make that breakfast but yes, definitely breakfast in bed with the newspaper in hand and hopefully, with all the good news.

Obviously, there will be a good book, a great movie – preferably at home; good food and just the right amount of coffee on that day. And yes, all my laundry done on that day.

Money I hear someone saying – well if it is the perfect day, then I am hoping there is a decent amount in the bank and if there isn’t; then come on, it is a perfect day and I am not worrying! Peace of mind – well yes, that is why I got up late and I am not worried about money. Happiness is what I feel is a state of mind and if I am getting up late, having good food and all my likes all around then I feel I am happy. But I wonder; there might have so many perfect days and perfect moments; but we might have missed it because we were thinking of actually having a planned perfect day.

Have you thought about such a day? What constitutes your ideal day? What does your perfect day look like?

Trendy Plenty

By Sahil /   Posted on - 10th August '19

The global consumer spending on fashion crossed US$1.5 trillion in 2015. India’s fashion retail market is itself set to grow to US$115 billion by 2026.However, Indian fashion and textile brands need to warm up to the emergence of a new connected consumer, well synced with the latest in global apparel and fashion trends, if they are to capture their due share of this growth.

Our data shows that fast fashion is exploding in influence; as shoppers in India and elsewhere around the world shift to value-for-money fashion, aligned with the latest global trends. People no longer consider apparels as a durable item, to be shopped seasonally; instead, they are now chasing latest trends and hunting for bargains.

More importantly, India’s fashion and textile industry need to recognize that the modern Indian consumer is no different from her counterparts in the west. Local brands and manufacturers, who can become distinctly homegrown leaders, will be crucial for enhancing India’s garments industry competitiveness on the global stage. To do so, they must focus on product innovation and development, invest in brand building and customer engagement, create flexibility in manufacturing and supply chain and finally, demonstrate savviness in embracing digital technologies. Trend-spotting, in this case, is a lucrative business indeed.

Rewrite your Script

By Sahil /   Posted on - 3rd August '19

Stress is a common emotion, it gives us an opportunity to peak our performance and prove ourselves. If you don’t think you experience it, you simply don’t understand it.Our brains are hard-wired such that it’s difficult to take action until we feel some level of anxiety.

Of Course when good times are rolling, nearly all of us believe that we have the world by the tail. The intense anxiety feels, when the hard time strikes but use this anxiety in a different way. During this phase, we develop mental scripts in our head which influences us from the surrounding.

To do this, recall the toughest time you have been through , write down the script and label it as ‘hardluckscript’. As hindsight is 20/20, now write your ‘empowered script’ that you wish to follow next in your life. File these scripts so that you can read the scripts when you are feeling stress/anxiety. Now compare your present thinking, how far have you come from the hard luck script when you started following empowered script. These periodic reminders will attract you to operate on empowered scripts hence improving your performance for the betterment

Learn to Invest

By Sahil /   Posted on - 27th July '19

Today I wanted to challenge you to take something else on as well: Investing. Not index funds / Vanguard / Wealthfront or passive investing. That’s all well and good and you should be doing that also for retirement. I’m talking about active investing: whether as something like an angel investor in a startup or two or equities in the public markets.
Some reasons why I think this is something all good analysts and data-driven marketers should be interested in:

A lot of finance guys are great with numbers but not all of them have the creative vision that marketers have to be able to see trends in different sectors before they happen. All good marketers innately have this and are skilled with using their own intuition and data to predict the future. Since you already nurture this skill you should put it to work in the markets too.

If you are in marketing you take an active role in life. You probably already follow technology companies and popular brands but when you have skin in the game you’ll really be motivated to follow closely. Additionally investing is a great way to broaden your scope of awareness of the world.Choose something that is interesting to you and it’s a great excuse to learn about new sectors and ideas, something you will never regret (learning is even more valuable than money – so whether your have gains or losses, you still win!).

The Art of getting what you want

By Sahil /   Posted on - 22nd July '19

How do we get what we want in work and in life?
A thousand different pieces of advice promise the path to getting what you want, most of which involve overcoming your fear and preserving through setbacks. And in addition to external resistance, we tend to set a lot of obstacles for ourselves imagining what could go wrong or inventing reasons we are incapable of accomplishing the particular goal, sometimes forgetting that the path to success may be simpler, more linear than we realize.

Many successful people in a range of professions advanced their careers and found fulfillment in creative, unorthodox ways. Here is an inspiring success story who made her luck.

Sally Field is an Oscar-winning actress, but she still had to fight to land a role she knew was meant for her, playing Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's wife, in the 2012 film, "Lincoln." The actress fought hard to convince director Steven Spielberg (who originally said he knew she was "not right") and leading man Daniel Day-Lewis that she was the one for the part. Following an initial screen test -- after which Spielberg refused her for the role -- Field convinced Day-Lewis to fly to Los Angeles from Ireland for the day to improv with her in full costume for Spielberg. She nailed it -- and the rest is history.


By Sahil /   Posted on - 15th July '19

Social media has changed the way we eat, shop and travel. Today even before we gorge on any cake we like to click and eagerly post the image social media. Let’s admit, more than eating food, we love to show to the world what we are eating.

Did you know that 81% of people are influenced by their friend’s social media posts? According to Mint, in 2016 twitter saw an average of 3,70,000 tweets a month in India with mention of “food” in it. Also #nomnom has been used by Instagrammers more than 10.3 million times.

For food influencers, Instagram and blogging are emerging as social media channels to entice the food connoisseurs. People share a deep relationship with food. In this digital age, our interaction with food has been changed where food blogs have emerged as a strong contender to reach people

Want Success? Be good at PR (Public Relations)

By Sahil /   Posted on - 9th July '19

Wouldn’t you want someone who is asking you to do something for them, to know more about them? To understand and appreciate you?

It’s so obvious.

Public relation and success comes from actual human connections:
Connections doesn’t need to be encyclopedic, nor does this mean you have to meet them. It means you can their articles, their feed, and if you meet them talk to them explore new things with them which is very needed for your connection develop.

Truly insanely obvious facts came from this study – that you got a positive response when you actually gave someone something they liked, and didn’t when you didn’t.

“Unsurprisingly, the most positive type of feedback my team received were compliments on our work.

If your only experience – professionally and personally – leads you to be only able to talk about your clients, their industry, and whatever has happened to you at work, you’re likely a very big boring person that nobody wants to talk to. This means that you may have to open a book that’s not related to work, or learn an instrument, or broaden your horizons beyond what everyone you know likes.

Meme-ification of Social Media

By Sahil /   Posted on - 3rd July '19

We bet, you have been laughing and relating yourself seeing meme pop-ups across social media. You can use these memes in your feeds, in your stories or DMs to communicate socially.

We know it sounds funny but today we are going to discuss some characteristics of what makes this type of content so engaging on social media.

Memes are:
Relatable: It is the core element of successful meme, they outspread a feeling that everyone can relate to it.

Witty: Memes are the smartest. They have a way to put obvious things in such a way you haven’t thought of before.

Entertaining: With the mixup of these above characteristics, memes are absolute funny and entertaining to the audience.

If you are interested in getting started with memes, here are a few resources we have found to help make your meme - finding fast and efficient.
● Source memes from popular tweets
● See what top Instagram meme accounts are sharing

It’d be great to hear your perspective on this. Feel free to contact us!+


By Sahil /   Posted on - 25th June '19

Enterprise PR & Marketing Isn’t Boring - With right strategy
In our today’s blog we have something for you that will make you think about enterprise goals. So being an enterprise we want to you think about the following.
Does the Enterprise PR or Marketing Agency know enough?

It stands to reason that an enterprise PR firm would know about the enterprise, but never assume anything with PR people. They can talk in circles about things in a very pleasant, affable way, but you need to be able to establish whether they know enough to actually pitch your product. Ask the right questions – quiz them on previous clients, ask them if they have any opinions on particular news stories.

What have they done, That matches your Enterprise goals.
This doesn’t just mean you should have a good case study. You need to make sure they have good references, good media relationships and clearly understand the expectations you have. It’s totally fine to walk away from a PR and marketing effort before it starts if you don’t think that the team in question is going to execute well – it’s much harder once you’ve started.

Are you talking to the team you will work with?
Enterprise public relations is a tightrope walk between good personal relationships and understanding of a product, and that’s a very personal choice. If you’re working with someone who’s not actually touched the great successes you bought into, you’re going to find you don’t hit your enterprise marketing goals…and spend a lot of money doing so

The Social Game

By Sahil /   Posted on - 15th June '19

"Game", Yes! you read it right.
Playing this game , can help you to outrich yourself as popular player on social media.
Want to be an Overnight Star?
Play this social game wisely & then you are there.So let's start playing this game.

Our Today's 1st player is:

There are millions of hashtags used everyday on social media.The engagement you receive depends upon the followers and number of post been published with the same hashtag.

The secret is to use hashtags thar are popular but not too popular.

Feeling tired already?

I hope not, we're finally approaching the most interesting part of the guide how to find best hashtag for your specific account.The easiest way to find your hashtag is to take a look at the hashtag are truly descriptive of your brand and industry.The narrower the hashtag,the more engagement is usually drives the post.

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