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Content is king but engagement is queen & the lady rules the house

There is a saying “Content is king”, you must have heard it hundreds of times and read about it even more. But, every time that I have come across his saying a question has risen for me that is this saying true? As a person who reads and writes a lot I have come to understand the importance of content, I believe the content that we write and how we write it, is of utmost importance ...Read More

How to increase sales through Digital Marketing?

The Mandatory Business! Have you made your way through the challenges of the online world, because it’s just not about being present on the internet but knowing how to be present. We would like to share some strategies that might guide you through the different verticals of digital marketing and it’s need in the current world It includes a wide spectrum of tasks and tools which can be ...Read More

Going with the trend!

How about posting images of classic dishes on social media and making customers go weak on their knees by looking at the delicacies you offer? In today's world, running a business is not as easy as it is used to be due to increased competitiveness. The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries as it faces a lot more challenges to make look business more unique helping attr ...Read More


Remember the time when bedtime stories and storytelling in class was our favourite part of the whole day? We still remember the tortoise who won, the thirsty crow and the boy who lied about the fox. We will never forget the morals it taught us. Why do you think we still remember them? A human being is a social animal. It needs to communicate and storytelling has always been an essential part of ...Read More

Its Never Too Late

Who made the rule that you should finish your education by the time you are 24? Or that there is no time to learn anything new once you are 24? I will tell you...NO ONE! Yes, you read it right. 18 or 58, it is never too late to learn anything new or to finish what you have left incomplete. There is no right time when it comes to learning,especially when the country is growing at this pace. F ...Read More

Unpopular is Unique

A human being needs to express. He needs to speak out what he feels and not every time it is similar to what others think. Imagine a situation where you are in a meeting with your boss and few of your colleagues, and a very important decision is being taken. All of your colleagues agree to it but you do not. What will you do? Will you voice out your opinion? Or will you just agree to whatever is ...Read More


A united team beats talent. Unity is the key difference between a great team and an average team. In a united team, members are connected and committed to each other. They put the team first and know 'together we can accomplish more'. It's all about teamwork, sometimes you are the star, sometimes you help the star. A Great team has a great culture and is driven by a good leader and positive atti ...Read More

More is less

Books were our very first friends. We couldn't read much then,but bright and beautiful pictures excited us so much. We could never have enough of them. Use of technology to spread knowledge is a recent concept. Earlier, books were the only source of information. It's because of the books like mahabharata and ramayana we know what all has happened and why it happened. Our culture and tradition is ...Read More

Passions & Ambition

Dream is not that you see in sleep,Dream is something that does not let you sleep. - Dr. APJ, Abdul Kalam Sir Making work as a passion is no less than a dream come true, it is a first step to being successful. Start asking questions to yourself " Do you love what you do everyday? Do you have dreams and aspirations to do something else? How are you going to get there? " ? First listen to y ...Read More

What is your idea of a 'Perfect Day'

All of us dream of the perfect life. All of us yearn for a perfect day to say the least. But how many of us have an idea of what the perfect day means for us. As a kid I thought every day was perfect, but then I didn't have to work for money then! As I grew up I stopped "fantasizing" as one might say. However, one does think from time to time, what the perfect day for me might be like. Will it ju ...Read More

Trendy Plenty

The global consumer spending on fashion crossed US$1.5 trillion in 2015. India's fashion retail market is itself set to grow to US$115 billion by 2026.However, Indian fashion and textile brands need to warm up to the emergence of a new connected consumer, well synced with the latest in global apparel and fashion trends, if they are to capture their due share of this growth. Our data shows that ...Read More

Rewrite your Script

Stress is a common emotion, it gives us an opportunity to peak our performance and prove ourselves. If you don't think you experience it, you simply don't understand it.Our brains are hard-wired such that it's difficult to take action until we feel some level of anxiety. Of Course when good times are rolling, nearly all of us believe that we have the world by the tail. The intense anxiety feels ...Read More

Learn to Invest

Today I wanted to challenge you to take something else on as well: Investing. Not index funds / Vanguard / Wealthfront or passive investing. That's all well and good and you should be doing that also for retirement. I'm talking about active investing: whether as something like an angel investor in a startup or two or equities in the public markets. Some reasons why I think this is something all g ...Read More

The Art of getting what you want

How do we get what we want in work and in life? A thousand different pieces of advice promise the path to getting what you want, most of which involve overcoming your fear and preserving through setbacks. And in addition to external resistance, we tend to set a lot of obstacles for ourselves imagining what could go wrong or inventing reasons we are incapable of accomplishing the particular goal, ...Read More


Even before we gorge on any cake we like to click and eagerly post the image social media. Let's admit, more than eating food, we love to show to the world what we are eating. Did you know that 81% of people are influenced by their friend's social media posts? According to Mint, in 2016 twitter saw an average of 3,70,000 tweets a month in India with mention of "food" in it. Also #nomnom has bee ...Read More

Want Success? Be good at PR (Public Relations)

Wouldn't you want someone who is asking you to do something for them, to know more about them? To understand and appreciate you? It's so obvious. Public relation and success comes from actual human connections: Connections doesn't need to be encyclopedic, nor does this mean you have to meet them. It means you can their articles, their feed, and if you meet them talk to them explore new thin ...Read More

Meme-ification of Social Media

We bet, you have been laughing and relating yourself seeing meme pop-ups across social media. You can use these memes in your feeds, in your stories or DMs to communicate socially. We know it sounds funny but today we are going to discuss some characteristics of what makes this type of content so engaging on social media. Memes are: Relatable: It is the core element of successful meme, they ...Read More


Enterprise PR & Marketing Isn't Boring - With right strategy In our today's blog we have something for you that will make you think about enterprise goals. So being an enterprise we want to you think about the following. Does the Enterprise PR or Marketing Agency know enough? It stands to reason that an enterprise PR firm would know about the enterprise, but never assume anything with PR peop ...Read More

The Social Game

Game, Yes! you read it right. Playing this game , can help you to outrich yourself as popular player on social media. Want to be an Overnight Star? Play this social game wisely & then you are there.So let us start playing this game. Our 1st player is: TRENDING WITH HASHTAGS There are millions of hashtags used every day on social media. The engagement you receive depends upon the ...Read More