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Product Detail View

✔ Product Multiple images

✔ Add to cart and wishlist option

✔ Check product delivery availability option

✔ product availability option

✔ product share option on social media

✔ Control all information through admin panel

Products Grid View

✔ Display all product in device responsive view

✔ Display products according to filters and category wise

✔ Control all information through admin panel

Shopping Cart & Wishlist

✔ Add product to Shopping cart

✔ Add product to your wishlist

✔ update cart quantity

✔ delete cart products

Superadmin & Vendor Login

✔ Superadmin and Vendor login

✔ Add/edit/delete products Vendor wise

✔ All access to the Superadmin

✔ Control orders through admin panel

✔ Examine all sale and profit through admin panel

✔ Control all website content/section through admin panel

Payment Gateway

✔ Provide online pay facility to users.

✔ Pay on cash on delivery option

✔ Pay via net banking, debit card, credit card, wallet, UPI

✔ Analyse all payment activities through admin panel

User Dashboard

✔ Provide User friendly dashboard.

✔ User Account details edit option.

✔ Wishlist products options

✔ My orders with current status


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