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Why this is right time to support Ecommerce

Business is done online or on the internet or on the web, whatever the terms may be, it is for certain that businesses benefit from this technology (when done online). We have all experienced this technology first-hand. According to Statista in 2018 about 1.8 billion people shopped online. So, in some sort or the other, you are connected to this phenomenon of online shopping. This industry is growing at an enormous speed and does not show a sign of stopping.

There are many industries in the world, some benefit the consumer and some benefit the seller but the uniqueness of e-commerce (electronic commerce) or online business is that it benefits both. The seller can reach a consumer across countries without having to physically make contact with him, this increases the scope of his business and more costumers mean more revenue. How does it benefit you? The first and the most obvious advantage is that you don’t have to invest time in physically going to some store and check your item’s availability. The second is that most items are at reduced costs as it is directly transported from the manufacturer (most of the times). The third which is the most amazing; you can order anything at any time, waking up with a dream of having a different pillow? Your dream will come true in two to three business days, that’s the power. Amazon is a leader in e-commerce and you know it! Everything is cheaper on amazon plus it is available!

The e-commerce industry is now reached groceries. Big basket is the current leader. But there are other players. Most recently Jio launched its new service JioMart. Groceries are now delivered right at your doorsteps. There are few disadvantages but as time flows this industry will perfect itself and will be more efficient. Individual small businesses are also now looking into this to progress one step forward. In conclusion, it is the right time to support e-commerce and online business as it is the future!