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Are you stuck at home and getting bored during this pandemic? Are you having trouble tracking the day to day happenings during this pandemic? Are you looking for ways to make these hard times a little less complicated?

Then social media is the solution you are looking for.
The world all around us as we know is facing one of its most trying moments. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has spread across the globe in an unbridled fashion, and for now, there is no way of determining the lasting capacity of this pandemic.

I can provide you with all the relevant details about this virus, but odds are, that you have already gone through the required information. Almost half of the world’s population is now under a lockdown or in quarantine and the time has come for a different conversation altogether, one that has been playing out across the globe.
How we as a global community can protect ourselves and our loved ones during these testing times?

For us as a global community needs to be able to share details and knowledge that we are accumulating as we continue to fight this pandemic. But, the accumulation of the information alone is not enough we should also be able to share it on a global platform so that we can connect communities in our fight against coronavirus.

Luckily, social media is the perfect platform for this. Social media provides many positive aspects in our fight against this pandemic, allow me to list them out for you.
●     Social media has slowly become one of the best ways to share the news especially if we are looking to alert people about something grave in an impromptu manner.
●     Social media is the perfect platform to raise awareness campaigns to educate people more about the situation we are facing, it helps in engaging them to the relevant information.
●     Social media has been able to connect people who are away from their loved ones during this lockdown.
●     Social media has become the best outlet for people to be able to spend some time relaxing during this lockdown.
●     Social media is the perfect platform for sharing tips and advisory during this pandemic.

Social media can act as the critical platform for communication that we require, but there is a need for this platform to be used in a proper way. Unfortunately, as it has been seen in many instances that social media can do as much bad as it can do good. In many instances, social media platform are being used for rumor-mongering and spreading misinformation or more appropriately “FAKE NEWS”. Many people see this misinformation and believe it be true and in turn, gather false pretenses to believe which leads to more fear and panic among people. There is a need for this to stop especially in these trying times as even a little bit of false information can create panic in the whole community.

There is a need right now for social media users to show some responsibility and use these platforms the way they are supposed to. Social media platforms are really the one place a user can find some peace and relaxation amidst this lockdown. It’s a place where they can communicate with their loved ones who they are unable to meet during this lockdown. It’s a common platform for people to share information and tips that can help one protecting oneself during this lockdown.