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How much time are you spending online? Are you having a fun time on these various social media platforms? Have you ever thought to ask how this social media is influencing you? These are some of the questions that for sure keep coming back to you. In some form or another, you have come across such queries. You might have thought about them on your own, someone might have asked you directly or you must have heard somebody else discussing these topics and there is a need for these topics to be discussed.
Social media is the place where we spend most of our everyday life. From child to parents all the way to grandparents everybody is in some way on social media.
But lately, the topic of discussion has shifted from not how social media influences you to how social media is bad for you?

Social media has gained a lot of bad reputation lately: it has been singled out for the ever-increasing feelings of low self-esteem, loneliness, and bouts of depression among social media users. There has been some evidence to back this notion. Not only have various users of social media platforms reported these negative effects, but there are studies that have conducted detailed analysis regarding this, and indeed, social media is one of the causes of declining mental health. Still, users provide all sorts of support for their beloved Instagram’s, Facebook’s, and Snapchat’s—or they at least keep signing on.

And users have insisted that they’ve have adapted healthier user habits or claim that social media does not have a negative impact on them at all: instead, the wholeheartedly believe that social media has a positive effect on their daily lives.

Some people might be dismissive about this or rather go into research mode to prove this wrong. But before you start delving into the extensive research that paints social media as a harmful entity, please take some time to look at some of the positives and consider them: and It provides a platform for users to maintain a connection with friends and family members that live far away from them and maintaining a connection with them would otherwise be difficult. Social media is the modern-day portal that keeps its users updated with all the happenings around the world. It is such an incredible platform for people to promote positive thinking and productive ideas. It serves as a creative outlet for users. There also exist extensively researched and well-written studies that show that social media can boost a user’s morale and help decrease harmful negative emotion within one.

The researchers across the world have found that people who feel out of place in there day to day life and anxious during one-on-one conversations find refuge in social media especially when they are going through trying times. Another aspect of social media is that it has made education and research easier for students. Social media has made it easy and quick to find a different set of questions regarding education. It has also made it easier for solutions to our questions. With one type, we can search for any kind of information in relation to our question. Students are actively using the advantages that social media provides in order to improve their educational pursuits. Many explore different kinds of ideas, some use it research for valuable information and some find the latest strategies for so they can improve their work. Social media has become a haven for small businesses and for those users who are attached to the field of social media marketing in some capacity.

Social media platforms have become a place where people can look for employment that will suit them the best. Also, many small/large businesses generate their sales and enquire through social media marketing. Social media can also be used for lead generations using social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, etc. In conclusion, it’s true that social media has certain negative effects but that does not mean that people should be dismissive about the positive aspects that social media brings. Social media has become the place where millions of its users are able to interact with their loved ones, these simple pages have become the reflections of their life, a platform for something to remember them by. Social media is just the platform provided; it is the user that defines how social media platforms should be used. In a positive way or a negative way.